Don't underestimate the value of a good web domain.

A good domain means your customers can find your site, and can come back to do more business. If they can't find your website, by knowing the precise wording and spelling, nothing else could matter!

There's probably over a hundred million web surfers worldwide. Many of them just type what they're looking for into their browsers, along with the "www" and "dot com".  Even a tiny percentage of those millions of people can add up very quickly.

www-http.com is potentially available for sale

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Other domain names are also available.

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A good domain means that your customers will be able to 
remember where to find your site, and will be able to return to it the next time they 
are looking to do business.  If they can't remember the name of your site, 
down to the precise wording and spelling, any great impression you might 
have made on them will be lost!